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Fr. Dewayne Messenger

Pastor and Bishop

Father Dewayne Messenger, is our founding Pastor and serves the Diocese as our.  He was ordained to the priesthood in 2009. He served as founding Pastor of All Souls ECC in Reading, PA before being called as Pastor of St. Jerome's in Tulsa. Prior to being ordained, Father Dewayne served as resident chaplain at Reading Hospital in PA and Capital Hospice/Palliative Care in VA. He earned his MDiv from Virginia Theological Seminary in 2007.

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Brother Ray Knapp, ofr


Brother Ray Knapp, ofr, professed in the ECC Franciscans of Reconciliation in 2012, and was ordained a deacon in 2013. He served as a deacon at All Souls in Reading, PA before coming to Tulsa to serve at St Jerome's in 2014. Bro. Ray serves as Special Assistant to our Diocesan Bishop. He received an Advanced Certificate in Franciscan Studies from the Franciscan Institute of St Bonaventure University and a Certificate in Education for Ministry (EfM) from the School of Theology at Southern University. He retired from the United States Air Force in 2010 after serving more than 34 years.

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Gisela Rosado Mendoza

Sr. Vice President, 2022-2025

Gisela is one of our most loyal members. She is a leader and an organizer and helps get things done. She serves in worship, welcomes the visitor, and helps our pastor with communication.


Theresa Diaz

Treasurer, 2023-2026

Theresa remains one of our most dedicated members. She owns her own business and now serves our parish as our Treasurer. She actively participates in a local Gudalupana dance group.

David Mancilla, Vice President

David Mancilla

Council Secretary, 2023-2026

David serves as our Council Secretary.  He helps the Pastor to provide oversite. David was instrumental in the creation of our church. He serves as a worship leader and helps Father Dewayne provide pastoral support.

Raul Rosario, Vice President

Raul Rosario

Council Member, Translator

Raul has served as a church leader and on church councils for many years.  Each Sunday he helps the Pastor with translation.  Raul is an Extraordinary Eucharistic minister and regularly assists in leading worship.  

Irene Duran, Council Member

Irene Duran

Council Member, 2021-2024

Irene serves as a coordinator and liaison for our Latino brothers and sisters and helps coordinate information.

Maria Villasenor.jpg

Maria Villasenor

Council Member, 2022-2025

Maria serves our Parish Council in several ways. She assists our pastor with translation. She also serves as one of our delegates to our Diocesan Synod.


Licensed Lay Ministers

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