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Our Bishop

The Very Rev. Dewayne Messenger

Bishop Dewayne Messenger was elected in the fall of 2023 and his election was ratified at our Diocesan Synod.  He was consecrated on April 20, 2024.


Prior to his consecration, Bishop Dewayne served as the Pastor of The Parish Church of St. Jerome and was the founding Pastor of All Souls' Ecumenical Catholic Church.  


Bishop Dewayne earned his MDiv from Virgina Theological Seminary (2007) and received an Advanced Studies Certificate from Phillips Theological Seminary. 

The Right Rev. Dewayne Messenger
The Old Catholic Communion
We are proud to be working toward an official intercommunion relationship with the Old Catholic Communion.  The OCC maintains the ecclesiology found in the early Catholic Church.  Each diocese - like ours - is considered a full and complete icon/image of the Church universal.  Each local church (Diocese) is independent and yet seeks full communion with other Dioceses which adhere to Old Catholic principles and ecclesiology.  One of the main features of our shared ecclesiology is the importance of the laity in all decision-making. 
Bishop Rick Hollingsworth

Bishop Rick Hollingsworth Retired

Bishop Rafe Adams

Bishop Rafe Adams, Retired
Bishop Rafe's Apostolic Lines:

1. James H. Rogers, Hubert Agustus Rogers, Carmel Henry Carfora.

2. John Joseph Humphries, Gerard George Shelley, Richard Aurthur Marchenna, Carmel Henry Carfora.

3. Francis Peter Facione, Andrew Johnson-Cantrell, Robert Alfred Burns, Richard Athur Marchenna, Carmel Henry Carfora.

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