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Our Bishop

The Right Rev. Raphael Adams - Retired

Bishop Raphael (Rafe) Adams was elected in September of 2016 and installed as the Bishop Ordinary on March 7, 2017.  Bishop Raphael also serves as the Bishop Protector for the Franciscans of Reconciliation (ofr). 


Bishop Rafe retired on October 24, 2022.  The Diocese is undertaking a call process for our new bishop.

Bishop Rafe Adams

Bishop Rafe's Apostolic Lines:

1. James H. Rogers, Hubert Agustus Rogers, Carmel Henry Carfora.

2. John Joseph Humphries, Gerard George Shelley, Richard Aurthur Marchenna, Carmel Henry Carfora.

3. Francis Peter Facione, Andrew Johnson-Cantrell, Robert Alfred Burns, Richard Athur Marchenna, Carmel Henry Carfora.

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